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 A picture perfect life that's not so picture perfect anymore..

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A picture perfect life that's not so picture perfect anymore.. Empty
PostSubject: A picture perfect life that's not so picture perfect anymore..   A picture perfect life that's not so picture perfect anymore.. EmptyWed Jun 02, 2010 10:36 am

This is about a girl named amelia. Her life was picture perfect. She lived in L.A. the Sunny Beaches,The Great tans,The Beautiful sunrise,. Her Family was one of the most richest familes in L.A.. Her Dad a highly respected lawyer and her mom had her own caterting business. Making food with NO meat. Amelia was on the A,B, Highroll went to one of the most richest shcools ever, had alot of friends and was on the Cheer squad. When It came to guys it seemed as if they all loved her. How could they not? Staright Blond Hair,Sparkling Blue eyes, A smile that light up a room. Not to metion she was the olny child. So she could get anything her heart desired. Everything
was perfect. Nothing could go wrong! Right? Untill one day just out of the blue her life got turned upside down.
A story about a Teenage Girl as she goes through the rollercoaster of what it is called life. A story about how
a extraordinary girl is forced to live in a just a ordinary world.
Chapter one:My life was perfect. I had great friends good grades and the world at my finger tips.
Untill one day that all changed. It all started when My first year of Highschool was over. I was looking
forward to the summer. Bonfires,Pool Parties,Cheer Camp. I came home from Cheer camp and both of my
parents where sitting at the table in the kicthen. Which was werid because they are never home in the middle of the day. Mom looks at me and smiles ''Hey,sweetie how was cheerleading?'' Mom knew that a good way
to keep me in a good mood was to talk to me about cheerleading. ''oh my gosh it was so awesome,We started rotuines for Next year's Football games I'm so pumped I can't wait till next year''' Mom looked at Dad. I knew that look.. ''Okay what's wrong?'' ''uh Honey there's something we have to tell you'' ''Don't beat around the bush nacey just get to the God D*** Point'' Now there was defntiley something going on Dad NEVER cursed.
''Amelia Your father's Boss told him that he would be layed off,and My I haven't gotten Customers in weeks so there's going to be some changes We're losing our house and we're moving''. ''What???'' ''Honey we know this alot for you to take in'' ''Mom,You can't be sersious tell me this is a joke My friends,My school,The cheer squad everything's gone so perfect for me and you want me to leave it all behind''? ''Amelia'',My father said softly ''We know this is alot to take in but everything's already in the works and the school systems are wonderful where we will be moving to and you can join the cheer squad there you''ll make new friends and everything will be fine again'' ''Where are we moving to?'' ''Missouri''
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A picture perfect life that's not so picture perfect anymore..
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